About Us

Sea Sweepers is out to fix the plastic pollution problems that are rapidly deteriorating our ocean and sea life. By using blockchain and advanced recycling technology and methods, we are going to change the tide on marine pollution and ensure our oceans have a future.


Sea Sweepers was founded to create an incentivized economy to clean up our seas.

Every day, 8 million pieces of plastic are dumped in our oceans - that is equivalent to more than a garbage truck of plastic trash being dumped in the ocean every single minute. Yet we continue to pump over 12million barrels per day of oil just to produce plastics, and globally we produce over 380 tons of new plastic every year.


From plastic water bottles to ghost nets and microplastics too small for even the eye to see, our world is literally swimming in plastic pollution. The impact on ocean ecosystems and the life that relies on them are catastrophic. Thousands of dead dolphins, turtles, and sharks are found drowned in ghost nets that are often miles long, and reefs are being suffocated after being covered by plastic. Seabirds fill their chicks’ bellies with plastics instead of fish, slowly killing them and their species’ hope for survival. It is estimated that over 1million animals die every year due to entanglement & consuming plastic.


The deadly effects of plastic pollution does not stop there - 1 in 3 fish we eat currently have plastics in their bodies, and 100% of mussels are now testing positive for microplastics. Babies are being born with plastics already in their systems before they’ve even taken a breath of air.  The long term effects of consuming plastics on our bodies is not totally known, but we do know that research has tied plastic to cancer in humans and other animals. The ocean is the life source of our planet - responsible for over 50% of the oxygen we breathe and for cooling our planet - yet we are in danger of destroying it. 

Plastic Bottle at Beach

But we still have a chance to change the tides to restore the health of our oceans and our planet. By providing a new avenue for plastic to be diverted and removed from the oceans, recycled, and remade into usable goods, Sea Sweeper Foundation hopes to create a sustainable supply chain that is collaborative and transparent to encourage a circular economy around upcycling ocean plastics.  By creating buy-in from environmentally-minded consumers, sustainable businesses, corporations, and the everyday ocean lover, SSF has the tools to fundamentally change the way we look at plastic pollution. By upcycling rather than producing new plastic, we can keep our planet and its inhabitants healthy and provide businesses and consumers a superior product that is better for people and the planet.



Sea Sweepers is both the model for the future sustainable company and the best step in healing our ocean to ensure that future happens.

Sea Sweepers collaborates with impactful nonprofits and businesses to recover plastic marine waste.

Sea Sweepers then cleans, sorts and shreds the plastics to create efficient packaging for recycled materials, processing as much on-site as possible for less environmental impact.

Sea Sweepers is working with the lead recycling processors in the world to source recycling technology and equipment. These highly efficient machines can also be used to increase the recycling infrastructure for other businesses during downtime.

The demand for recycled materials is huge and only growing with the generational prioritization of sustainability. By selling recycled plastic, Sea Sweepers creates a self-sustaining ecosystem to support the clean-up efforts.

Sea Sweepers is working with technology partners to create a transparent supply chain ecosystem on the blockchain. This will allow consumers to not only track the sources of their products, but also engage in further efforts to decrease plastic waste in their communities.

By engaging consumers and manufacturers in the supply chain of their goods, the products have a higher chance of being recycled at the end of their life and they stay within the Sea Sweepers ecosystem and not our oceans.



Sea Sweepers utilizes blockchain technology to track and verify sustainable authenticity of the process and sourcing.

Ocean clean-up for plastics and ghost net pickup.

Manufacturers use pellets to create and ship materials like fabrics.

Consumer buys sustainable products (swim wear, bracelets, construction 

materials, auto parts, etc.).

Sort and grind plastics into pellets for material reuse.

Manufacturers produce recycled plastic products. Each product is given a unique serial number.

Consumer donates used products (i.e. clothes) for tokens 

which can be used as credit for new Sea Sweepers products.

Geo-tag location and upload the data to the blockchain.

Each is tagged and entered on the blockchain.

Each shipment is tagged and entered on the blockchain.

Product's unique serial numbers are entered on the blockchain.

Consumers can verify for sustainable sourcing authenticity.

Consumer recycling is recorded on the blockchain.