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A clean sweep for a plastic free ocean.

Our Mission

SeaSweepers is on a mission to create a new commercial ecosystem founded in removing ocean plastics that reimagines the

 sustainable supply chain.

Both through direct impact of retrieving, cleaning and processing ocean plastics and by providing the digital platforms needed for sustainable businesses to thrive, we’re here to turn the plastic tide and save our seas.

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million pieces
of plastic reach our oceans daily

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1 in 3 fish
we eat currently have plastics in their bellies

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25 trillion macroplastics & 51 trillion microplastics pieces litter our oceans

Our Ecosystem

The SeaSweeper ecosystem is built on the belief that the responsibility for conservation work and protecting, healing and nurturing our seas belong to more than just non-profits.


We believe that we can and must think about business differently, and that 'profits' and ethical, high impact sustainable business models don't have to be at the cost of each other. By creating a future focused, planet friendly commerce ecosystem, every one of us can make a huge difference for our oceans while creating a positive impact to our daily lives through some awesome stuff. 

Save lives, save the planet, support ethical businesses and go on a shopping spree. It's a concept that is truly giving.

The Vision

The SeaSweeper ecosystem is a future focused model for a full cycle ocean conservation and eco-friendly supply chain. While this will take some time to create, we're happy to share each step planned so you can get just as excited as we are.

Step 1: OMG, well don't you look great saving the planet.

The first step is kicking off soon with the release of sustainable clothing and accessories directly from SeaSweepers. This phase introduces designer athletic and swim wear made from recycled fishing ghost nets. Yeah we thought that was pretty incredible too, especially when we felt how insanely soft the fabric is! Now is your chance to contribute to saving our seas and looking great in your ocean-side conversation piece. Best yet, all profits from this phase will be used specifically to help us set up the following phases.

Step 2: Single use plastics polluting our oceans, meet thy doom.

The second step is one we are incredibly excited to make happen, and that is building the first USA based recycling center specifically designed for the removal and prevention of ocean polluting plastics. We know, we can't believe how few of these exist around the globe given how much ocean plastic we need to recycle! This new facility will allow us to turn up the volume on recycled products entering the market and shut down unsustainable models.

Step 3: A place for credit cards, the world's most reused plastic.

The third step in expanding the ecosystem is by creating a marketplace that promotes and supports businesses that sell sustainable and ethical sourced and processed goods. Think like shopping on an Amazon platform that actually helps save the Amazon. Companies that meet planet-saving standards will be able to put their best foot forward together in one place and you'll be able to get what you need knowing that every purchase is making the world a better place.

Step 4: "A planet saving superhero? Why yes, I did wake up like this."

The magic doesn't stop there. We also believe that Web3 and the blockchain have a lot to offer. Technology will have a big part to play below the surface of our ecosystem and creating a transparent and non-fungible product authenticating and journey tracing method will help us keep the products generated from the SeaSweeper ecosystem from ending up as waste or back in the ocean (by the way we mean tracing product transactions, not your personal data or location, we're not Meta). This will help us make sure a product reaching the end of its life is reborn as something new, and even incentivizing it's previous owner to do so. Yay free money!

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