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Taryn Larock

Founder & CSO

Taryn has over 15 years of experience in sustainability, eco fashion, business development and ocean/wildlife conservation, and is founder and designer of the award-winning sustainable brand Sage Larock, which utilizes upcycled fishing nets & sustainable/ethical manufacturing practices. Taryn has partnered collaboratively with several non-profits such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to design and manufacture their branded swimwear from plastics recovered from ocean clean-up missions, and Canopy Planet, to promote sustainable forest-friendly solutions for the garment industry. While sitting as board member & Chief Communications Officer of the non-profit I Stand With My Pack, Taryn worked to co-create and implement solutions for ocean conservation/anti-wildlife trafficking efforts with conservation groups including VetPaw, Fin Free, Paul Hilton, Wildlife Asia, Animal Hope & Wellness, and Humane Society in Puerto Rico.  


Taryn received her B.A. in Philosophy, focusing on phenomenology, logic, and non-human animal consciousness from the University of Colorado, and studied Entrepreneurship at UCLA. Taryn has been a life-long lover of the ocean and all things aquatic, and is happiest when free diving with sharks and cetaceans. When not underwater, she can often be found speaking at ocean conservation and sustainability conferences.

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