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It's time to reimagine the plastics supply chain.


SeaSweepers is on a mission to revolutionize the plastics supply chain and how ocean plastic pollution is retrieved, recycled & reused. SeaSweepers has reimagined a sustainable supply chain to leverage technology to provide transparency, and digital platforms to support sustainable business models. 

​SeaSweepers is uniquely positioned to turn the ocean plastic tide, and our ecosystem is built on the belief that the responsibility for conservation work and protecting our planet must be shared. We work with a vast partner network of ocean conservation non-profits and local governments so we may together we create lasting and impactful global solutions to address the ocean plastics crisis. 



As part of our mission, we work with organizations & key stakeholders that are on the front lines of ocean conservation across the globe, and work to remove ghost nets and other dangerous marine plastics. These organizations work hard to collect millions of tones of ocean plastics, however these plastics are typically sent to landfills or to be incinerated, as traditional recycling facilities wont accept marine plastics. That's where we come in.


Once we've sourced a variety of marine plastics such as "ghost nets", "ghost fishing gear" like lobster and crab traps, bottles, containers, and even large pieces of plastic found after hurricanes, our transport team works from coast to coast and work with our partners to set up a continuous collection flow to keep us busy and keep them from being overwhelmed. During this stage, we also leverage blockchain technology to log & track each piece of plastic that is collected.


Then it's on the road and off to our marine plastics recycling center. Our facility is centralized in Florida to maximize the functionality of specialty processing and recycling equipment while having direct access to one of the predominant US coastlines.


Each net and piece of plastic needs to be thoroughly cleaned, prepped, crushed, ground, and categorized to be given a brand-new life as a high-quality, long-lasting, sustainable product. Our system for processing includes specialty equipment to remove marine contaminants and get the job done so the pelletizing can begin.


If you've ever made pasta you'd probably find similarities here to our marine plastic pelletizing process. The recycled and cleaned plastic is sent to be melted down and run through our extruder, which chops the melted plastic into small pellet pieces that can be then made in billions of types of consumer goods.


And then it's on to a new life! From sunglasses to kitchenware to car parts to park benches, these pellets are the building blocks for everything you see out there made of plastics. Unlike the majority of pellets out there, ours bring with them a story. It's the story of the dolphin given life by not being caught in a net. It's the sea turtle that isn't swimming through an ocean of microplastics. It's the puffin who didn't mistake plastic for food. SeaSweepers plastic not only keeps pollutants out of our oceans (and landfills and incineration plants) but also significantly reduces carbon emissions by almost 50%.

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