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Dr. John Hutchinson

Chief Research Engineer

“With 34 years of plastics manufacturing experience, John served as the Research & Development Manager at DuPont where he participated in the development of new innovations. As part of this work, John notably helped lead the integration of recycled milk bottle resin into TYVEK® a polyethylene-based product widely recognized for home wraps. Beginning at 10% integration, during his tenure they were able to progressively elevate the sustainability of the product by ultimately doubling the recycled content to 20%.

John also brings an international edge to his plastic manufacturing experience as he was selected by DuPont to help found the new Research and Development department at the company’s location in Derry, Ireland, where he spent 4 years helping to build and launch the program.


John holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine, complemented by both Masters and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. 


Having been at times a coastal dweller, particularly that of North Carolina, John has a deep understanding of the environmental impact humans have had on our oceans and has joined SeaSweepers to lend his decades of expertise to help usher in the next era of upcycled plastics.”

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