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Andrea Bartzen

Investor Relations

Andrea is a strategic communications consultant that specializes in a combination of capital raising, investment relations, PR and commercial guidance for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies.  She partners with NYC and Florida investment teams and family office investors that are looking to fund innovative Biotech, Life Science and Health Tech companies.
Andrea leverages her proven track record of commercial success and scientific healthcare expertise to identify the Biotech companies that are most positioned for scientific, commercial and financial success. She represents those specific companies to her family office and angel investor network to raise capital and provides guidance on how to increase value with that investment.
She and her investment team help Biotech companies determine their financial and commercial end goals and help them reach those milestones—whether it is bringing in investment for clinical trials, making licensing/sell decisions, partnering with Pharma companies or deciding to bring a company to the IPO stage.
From a communication commercial perspective, she builds and accelerates value and investment community interest in the company through strategic communications. She and her team provide services that include investment meetings and events, investor relations, PR communication and pitch and commercial/Revenue/Partnership strategy needs to provide unique solutions and efficiencies that drive Biotech results.
She enables Biotech companies to source Big Pharma expertise and commercial infrastructure in-house on a smaller scale to build value of the company.

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